Carshalton Titans

Call us the champions!

Champions of the National League South in England Handball. That is what we can now call our men’s team for the first time since the club was created in 2012. Its been a long road, and a road we would continue to build one. We have one more game left in the league against Chelsea Handball. We would love to have an unbeaten season, but its more important for the team that we get some of the young boys more in play. This is with the play-off game in mind. Our league winner game was against Bristol that with a win against us, still could be crowned the champions after the last round. The whole game was on the edge. Everyone was nervous about the outcome of the game, and it turned into a really messy game. The half time was only 7-4, as a Danish coach, i only see these results in U10 games. Both the goalkeepers outdid each other, every single time making it hard for the court players to pass it behind both Bristol and Carshalton GK. – Even up to the final whistle the game was close, and we at Carshalton Titans could crown yourself winners of the league with a win 17-15. We would like to say thank you, to all the supporters that game and saw the boys play. They were often the 8th man on the court. And also thank you to our sponsors, that choose to be part of the club this season. Man of the match! Goalkeeper Jack out performed himself in the most important game of the season. A game he knew he had to step up, and a game he did. At times he did saves we have never seen before, at times he challenged him self to get the next ball. An outstanding performance!!

Topscores of the season: 
Regis – 72
Adam – 51
Maxwell – 28
Rob – 25
Liam – 18
Tyler – 18
Derry – 13
Remy – 12
Grant – 9
Josh – 7
Chris Higgins – 5
Goncalo – 4
Oliver – 4
Harry – 1
Jack – 1

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Important annocement

Due to the ongoing developments related to COVID-19, we have decided to follow the government & EHA guidelines and suspend training and all club related events for the foreseeable future.

We understand this is disappointing news, however it is necessary for the health at everyone at the club.