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Carshalton Titans – Olympia Handball

Carshalton Titans 27 – 33 Olympia Handball

This was the 2nd test for our first team men’s in their first season in Premier League. We had already played Olympia Handball in a friendly in the pre-season, that ended in a draw. So we knew what kind of team we were going up against.

We had a great start to the game with some impressive handball from both teams. It was a game with both teams leading with one or two goals, all the way to the 50th minute.

Olympia had a great defence that we sometimes was struggling to get through, our team is a small team in regards to the hight of the players, so we have to work to move their defence, great plays to setup our wingers or line players, and use our speed to create the space for back court players to go through or shoot from the distance.

We were in defence struggling to get quick enough up to their backcourt players that could then shoot from the distance and pass our goal keepers. But it was still a draw at halftime 15-15.

We followed each other all the way to the 50th minute where a few mistakes from our side had Olympia leading with 5 goals with 5 min left.

We had to go for it in the last 5 min, and unfortunately lost the game with 6 goals in the end.

It was an important game for our learning curve, and some point we can take forward, to minimize the mistakes we create, and follow up on the creativity we have among the players.

Top scores
Goncalo – 9
Adam – 5
Regis – 5
Oliver – 2
Rob – 2
Maxwell -1
Derry – 1

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