Carshalton Titans

Carshalton Titans just made a massive statement to the rest of Super 8 (Premier League) teams with a win over last years cup winners!
It was a tight game all the way through to the end, and we only had a 4 goal win due to 2 late goals.

Carshalton Titans brought the whole squad to Warrington with only Derry Asante staying home due to illness. This proved so important throughout the game. Having multiple subs that could be brought onto the court, and keep the high level of handball going. This was also the first official game for the following players for Carshalton Titans.

The game was all the way through difficult to play. Warrington Wolves has one of the best defense in the League, and we always had to create new ways to get the chance towards to goal, and with Adam Latter smashing it with 10 goals, and 6 already in the first half we were flying from the start. Warrington Wolves has some of the best wingers in the UK, if not the best, they proved difficult for both our goalkeepers Jack and Josh, but we closed down their line and back court completely that we only opened up for wingers in a narrow angle. This gave the GK the best working conditions possible, and was a key factor to the win.

Regis Dore again this game showed a massive impact with 11 goals, and 6 interceptions in the 5-1 pointer position. A player I am confident in saying he is the best 5-1 defense in the league.

Man of the match: Adam Latter
With 10 goals in the game and some great assist to the left winger and line player, Adam was chosen as the MOTM. He came from a difficult friendly against Olympia, and proved that he is in his right element in Premier League. I hope that he continues to step up to the plate and play the game of his life every game.

Top Scores:
Regis 11
Adam 10
Goncalo 8
Oliver 2
Remy 1
Bernardo 1
Rob 1

Important annocement

Due to the ongoing developments related to COVID-19, we have decided to follow the government & EHA guidelines and suspend training and all club related events for the foreseeable future.

We understand this is disappointing news, however it is necessary for the health at everyone at the club.