Carshalton Titans

First league game of the season

First game of the season against reading lions. 12 players ready for the first whistle, so a full compact team.After the first two practice matches against Guilford and Essex handball, we knew we had something to prove for our own league start.We started absolutely brilliant, Adam and Regis was playing beautiful together and those two sorted out our first few goals, which gave us a solid lead, all setup by Liam on the playmaker role.The young boys made a massive impact on the court, made sure our pace and level didn’t go down. We could therefore go to half-time with a score of 18-10.
In the second half we had to keep the spirit, quality and motivation going, it was a very physically game, and most of the players had to give it all. We never looked backed from our lead and made a good massive win of 33-20.
Topscores Adam Latter – 7Regis Dore – 6Maxwell Coyler – 5Rob Damiano – 4Derry Asante – 3Grant Viljoen – 3Oliver Thompson – 2Liam McCarthy – 1Chris higgins – 1Harry Emans – 1

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Important annocement

Due to the ongoing developments related to COVID-19, we have decided to follow the government & EHA guidelines and suspend training and all club related events for the foreseeable future.

We understand this is disappointing news, however it is necessary for the health at everyone at the club.