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First win in the National Cup Game for Mens

Our first National League Cup game was against Bristol Spartans.

It was a very early Sunday morning, to take the drive all the way to Yeovil for our cup game, but its a drive we had to take to continue our great progress into further cup games. We were only 7 players for the game due to U19 games being played the same day, and some mens players unable to attend the game.

It was a very troubled start to the game, Bristol Spartans started out very well, and we needed to find out how to play this team. After a quick team-talk, we manged to get our head straight, and work on what we call ABC handball.

Bristol Spartans was with all due respect to the club and the team out played by us, and we had decided form the start that we would play the best handball we are able to, with the 7 players available. Bristol Spartans was unable to attend to Adam on the left back and Regis on the left wing, that gave us a lot of goal scoring opportunities. Liam had worked a lot lately on his own scoring chance, and it paid off today. Josh Wyatt first game for the Carshalton Titans mens team this season, and after a rough start, he manged to pull back and get some great goals in the second half.

Carshalton Titans 40 – 9 Bristol Spartans

We wish all the best to the future Bristol Spartans team, and we are looking forward to game on the 18th in Cardiff against Bristol Handball in our National League

Our next National cup game is against Brighton Handball Club.

Top Scores:

Regis Dore 11

Adam Latter 9 Maxwell 7

Liam McCarthy 6 Josh 5

Jack 1

Thomas Andersen 1

Topscores so far this season

Adam – 22

Regis – 20

Maxwell – 15

Liam – 9

Grant – 7

Rob – 6

Remy – 5

Josh – 5

Goncalo – 4

Tyler – 4

Derry – 4

Oliver – 2

Chris Higgins – 1

Harry – 1

Jack – 1

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Important annocement

Due to the ongoing developments related to COVID-19, we have decided to follow the government & EHA guidelines and suspend training and all club related events for the foreseeable future.

We understand this is disappointing news, however it is necessary for the health at everyone at the club.